Discover the essence of the Pyrenees and Fly Fishing as Ernest Hemingway did.

The Nobel Prize Ernest Hemingway in his novel “The Sun Also Rise” traveled from Paris to Spain to fish in the Pyrenees and attend the San Fermines, for him the best fishing experience in Europe it was in Spain, a country that he fall in love with.

Ernest Hemingway in his novel describes his experience fishing in the Pyrenees, specifically in the valley of Irati in 1924. The experience and the good fishing made him dream with Spain and convince his wife and friends for a new journey in June 1925, days before the start in Pamplona’s San Fermin festival.

The excitement and exaltation that Ernest Hemingway found fishing in the Pyrenees, bound to the virginity of its mountains and abundant trout were obscured in this second trip by detecting that the old forests and river banks were being razed. A sense of grief, sadness and personal offense ran through the blood of the Nobel Prize, who suffered from the destructive consequences that logging could have on trout populations of these mountains.

As fishing guides in the Pyrenees we would love that Ernest Hemingway could see that the trees grew again in the Pyrenees, that populations of Zebra Trout in the rivers are recovering and that there still are adventurous anglers traveling to the Pyrenees to meet the immensity its mountains, the kindness of its people, its climate and especially help local companies to create a new sustainable tourism model for the enjoyment of future generations.


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Fishing in exclusive places

Because it is often more important “the place than the number or size” Pyrenees Fly Fishing in Spain, takes you to exclusive places of breathtaking beauty.

We understand fly fishing as a nature experience of silence and peace that allows us to leave behind the stresses of everyday life. So we’ve selected the best rivers, lakes and streams that are only accessible through restricted tracks. Some places where the angler can live full experience in nature.

These access rights for the vehicles of our local guides were obtained through own family rights of these mountains or paying large sums for the access as a private company.

Our friends anglers will enjoy this exclusivity without an added price in the package.

nuno guiando

Fly Fishing in Spain


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The Pyrenees, one of the best locations for a fly fishing Europe

More and more people decide to spend their fishing holiday in the Pyrenees. Wild trout, variety of rivers, sun and gastronomy make these mountains a unique destination.

Spain for many tourists is a sun and beach destination, but are pleasantly surprised to find inside, the beauty of its mountains and set of scenarios to practice fly fishing.

From our hotel – located in the town of Biescas in the Ordesa Monte Perdido National Park the angler will have access to a variety of rivers, lakes and streams.


In its crystalline waters live wild brown trout, catfish, in very specific places char (an exotic species introduced in the Pyrenees which comes from North America) and a unique variety of brown trout, Trout Zebra, characterized by its black side stripes.


In the waters of the Pyrenees generally they can be fished from the third Sunday in March until the end of September.

High mountain waters from June 1 to September 30 and certain rivers can be fished until 15 or October 31.


Permits to fish in the Aragonese Pyrenees must be processed in the Aragonese Institute of Environmental Management from 8 am to 15 pm Monday through Friday. It is also necessary to process a number of fishing permits to fish exclusive places, these permissions are managed by fishing clubs or the administration.


In the following section we present some of the most beautiful places to practice fly fishing in the Pyrenees in the form of catch and release locations:

Pyrenees Fly Fishing     Pyrenees Fly Fishing



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From England to fly fishing in the Pyrenees

Due to the proximity from England the Pyrenees are a great destination for the British public, who value their wild trout and the beautiful landscapes.

Last week Mr. JP came to visit the Pyrenees. He was marveled by the beauty of its mountains, tranquility and abundance of wild trout.

Here are some photos of the trip:

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Fly fishing in Ordesa national park


Guided Fly fishing holidays in Spain: Pyrenees Mountains

Spain has many National Parks. Rivers originating in the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park are characterized by the crystal clear waters, limestone soils and abundant populations of zebra trout.

At the heart of the National Park Arazas River, a tributary of the Ara River rises. Its waters are known for their blue emerald and because its the only wild river of the Pyrenees (without any dam or water diversion).

Pyrenees Fly Fishing is authorized to take clients with their vehicles 4 x 4 tracks giving access restricted access to almost exclusive river sections.

Fly fish wild trout surrounded by spectacular scenery and watching unique birds fly, as the Vulture, is a feeling that we recommend to all fisherman who loves fishing at its best.

Wild fish and wild trout surrounded by spectacular scenery and watching birds fly only as the Vulture is a feeling that we recommend to all fisherman who loves fishing at its best.

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A new fly fishing guides company

Spanish Pyrenees is a new destination for Fly Fishing, a paradise located south of Europe, ideal place to enjoy its beautiful wild zebra trout. Pyrenees Fly Fishing offers you a unique opportunity to live a well deserved and unique fly fishing vacation.

PYRENEES FLY FISHING is a fly fishing guides company operating in the Spanish Pyrenees. Characterized by its excellence and unique treatment and being formed by a team of professional guides with great knowledge on the subject.

They offer various packages that bring together all kinds of services from the arrival at an airport or train station: transfers from stations to the Hotel, accommodation, meals, guided trips to fly fish(1 guide for every two fishermen on a vehicle 4×4), obtaining permits and licenses, approvals for driving on restricted access tracks, parallel activities for non anglers, advisory services – guide on fly fishing…

And in a timely manner also it aims to offer the possibility of selling to customers of certain materials as fishing rods, reels, waders or fly.

To realize this activity we are working from a carefully selected center:

HOTEL – SPA Tierra de Biescas: corresponds to a hotel located in the town of Biescas, in the region of Alto Gállego, near the National Park Ordesa and Monte Perdido.

In short, Pyrenees Fly Fishing offers complete packages providing the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of services intended to meet the needs of tourists who love adventure travel or fishing in new destinations such as the Spanish Pyrenees and all under the premise of service excellence and customer welfare “Specialists in fly fishing trips and welfare”.

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Destination Spain, sun and Zebra Trout

Spain and more particularly the sunny side of the Pyrenees are a unique and undiscovered destination for many lovers of fly fishing vacation. Pyrenees Fly Fishing invites you to explore it.

Spain is the European country most valued by visitors for its climate, daylight hours, services, communications and beauty of its landscapes. But for many of them when you talk of their potential to fly fishing are greatly surprised.

The Pyrenees hide a true paradise with many rivers, streams, lakes and small lakes they inhabit wild populations of brown trout and Zebra trout and Barbel.

We invite you to discover the best kept secret in Europe!

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The Pyrenees mountains

Few destinations in the world where the trout eat so often surface as in the Pyrenees. Some mountains that never cease to amaze fisherman lover of nature and wild fish.

We do not know if it’s daylight hours, the amount of insects bursting the number of available terrestrial insects and eating habits or perhaps a single species such as the Zebra Trout, so if we can assure that the Pyrenees wild trout love to eat insects in the water surface.

Imitations that we use are:

Small mayflies in parachute with highly visible post in white or pink.

Dark-winged mayflies CDC.

Small terrestrial insects.

Caddis flies in deer hair.

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Ernest Hemingway and fly fishing in the Pyrenees

Ernest Hemingway in his book The Sun Also Rises the “Fiesta”, made a trip to the Pyrenees to meet rivers and wild trout.

The Nobel Prize for Literature was an excellent angler and a lover of the Pyrenees.

In his novel “The Sun Also Rises the” toured from Paris to Pamplona where he enjoyed the festival of San Fermin and had the opportunity to fish some rivers in the Pyrenees Navarro.

He was passionate about his people, climate, culture and wild trout.

Pyrenees Fly Fishing invites you to experience the sensations that Ernest had firsthand through a package that merges the fishing with the “fiesta”. Surely you will not disappoint!

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Fly fishing in the way of Saint James

Who has not dreamed of making a journey full of history and be able to fish some of the best rivers? Pyrenees Fly Fishing and the Way of St. James, a unique adventure.

The “Camino de Santiago” is a journey that is made by many people from around the world and ending in Santiago de Compostela, in Galicia (Spain). Pilgrims walk the Heritage of Humanity to venerate the relics of St. James way.

There are several variants:

One of the variables of the “Camino de Santiago” Tour the Aragonese Pyrenees from Oloron on the French side by Jaca, Puente la Reina…

The Way of St. James crosses numerous rivers that have unique conditions for fly fishing and interesting trout populations.

Pyrenees Fly Fishing offers a journey from east to west where you can enjoy a fusion of excellent fishing with the culture of travel. A 10-day adventure that we invite you to enjoy.

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