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Sun, gastronomy, culture, beautiful mountains and good fishing

We are very fortunate to work in the most beautiful mountains from one of the safer and better prepared countries for tourism.

If there is something that sets us apart from the majority of fly-fishing destinations is:

  • SUN: enjoy your holidays in the country with better weather and with more daylight hours in all Europe, surrounded by the quiet and beautiful mountains.

  • GASTRONOMY: Spanish cuisine is considered one of the best in the world. 4 of the top 10 restaurants in the world are Spanish. Excellent wines, gourmet picnic lunch, tapas tours attached to a healthy Mediterranean diet served in our 4 star spa resort – located in Biescas.

  • CULTURE: The destination offers the possibility to fish in crystal waters full of history under Romanesque bridges passing by the Camino de Santiago, walk near prehistoric stone monuments, or contemplate monasteries and castles of the Middle Ages in the way to fishing spots.

Live a perfect experience it would not be possible if we were not located in Biescas, a village with two traditional historic centers, located near the Ordesa National Park and in which there are major services such as 24 hours medical service, pharmacy, shopping, many restaurants …

Pyrenees Fly Fishing Wine Pyrenees Fly Fishing village

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The zebra trout: Trout that resisted the last glaciation.

The trout that inhabit the waters of the Spanish Pyrenees is considered the oldest variety of trout entire European continent. We invite you to live experience of fishing and conserve one of the world’s oldest evolutionarily trout.

Spanish Pyrenees, unlike other major European destinations for fly fishing as Slovenia or Austria, has made a commitment to the conservation of wild trout populations. Every angler who visit our rivers contributes to the local economy, allowing the protection of rivers and trout. “Theres NO real protection on the rives until their conservation affect on the economy of local people”.

Our living “fossil” is a subspecies of brown trout belonging to MEDITERRANEAN group survived the invasion of Europe by the ice in the last Ice Age. It is therefore considered the oldest trout, as it is relegated in our mountains long before the last ice age.

You could say that the rest of Central European varieties of brown trout are much younger, as their ancestral populations disappeared with the ice. To this is added the genetic contamination of natural populations of trout in many of the rivers in the rest of Europe who have been and are strongly influenced by repetitive stocking.

Pyrenees Fly Fishing as a local company that focuses on the fishing resource we have a moral obligation to inculcate good environmental practices among our friends, always practice catch and release, help protect this unique species and allow conservation of their populations .


  • It has many small black and red circles surrounded by a white halo and also has four dark stripes crossing his Body.

  • Great adaptation to our climate: large avenues, water stress and high water temperatures.

  • In result of the adaptation she is suspicious to predators.

  • The wide avenues of water and the rivers rocky mountain background seems they cause the morphology of trout oversizing their pectoral fins.

  • The other main feature of this type of brown trout is its speed when attacking flies.

  • Great power.

  • More than 10 spots on the Operculum.

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Discover the essence of the Pyrenees and Fly Fishing as Ernest Hemingway did.

The Nobel Prize Ernest Hemingway in his novel “The Sun Also Rise” traveled from Paris to Spain to fish in the Pyrenees and attend the San Fermines, for him the best fishing experience in Europe it was in Spain, a country that he fall in love with.

Ernest Hemingway in his novel describes his experience fishing in the Pyrenees, specifically in the valley of Irati in 1924. The experience and the good fishing made him dream with Spain and convince his wife and friends for a new journey in June 1925, days before the start in Pamplona’s San Fermin festival.

The excitement and exaltation that Ernest Hemingway found fishing in the Pyrenees, bound to the virginity of its mountains and abundant trout were obscured in this second trip by detecting that the old forests and river banks were being razed. A sense of grief, sadness and personal offense ran through the blood of the Nobel Prize, who suffered from the destructive consequences that logging could have on trout populations of these mountains.

As fishing guides in the Pyrenees we would love that Ernest Hemingway could see that the trees grew again in the Pyrenees, that populations of Zebra Trout in the rivers are recovering and that there still are adventurous anglers traveling to the Pyrenees to meet the immensity its mountains, the kindness of its people, its climate and especially help local companies to create a new sustainable tourism model for the enjoyment of future generations.


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Fishing in exclusive places

Because it is often more important “the place than the number or size” Pyrenees Fly Fishing in Spain, takes you to exclusive places of breathtaking beauty.

We understand fly fishing as a nature experience of silence and peace that allows us to leave behind the stresses of everyday life. So we’ve selected the best rivers, lakes and streams that are only accessible through restricted tracks. Some places where the angler can live full experience in nature.

These access rights for the vehicles of our local guides were obtained through own family rights of these mountains or paying large sums for the access as a private company.

Our friends anglers will enjoy this exclusivity without an added price in the package.

nuno guiando

Fly Fishing in Spain


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