About us

Pyrenees Fly-fishing has created a new concept in fly-fishing and wellness tours. Our passion and commitment is in tailoring adventure or relaxation tours to best fit our client’s needs.

We focus our tours on fun, adventure, and in exploring and learning more about the unique environment of the Pyrenees. Enjoy unbeatable fishing spots in a spectacular environment with energizing and relaxing cultural and wellness aspects.

Ricardo Madeira and Adrian Satué are the founders of the company, coordinators and guides leaders.

Ricardo Madeira, a world traveler with a sports and education degree and a lot of experience organizing tours around the world. Our Pyrenees Fly-Fishing team is also composed of other outstanding members with different roles and responsibilities.

Adrián Satué, with a natural sciences degree, is an expert angler with possession of several competition titles including Spanish national champion.

Guides like Alejandro, Sergio, David and Aitor, all around great people and experienced anglers—as well as all the support and accommodation staff who help us make your stay relaxing and memorable.

Finally, we want to underline the achievements of the Pyrenees Fly-fishing team from these previous years:

• Creators and presidents of the “association for the promotion of sports, recreational and tourist fishing”: O2NATOS.
• Managers and creators of fishing travel blog: www.o2natos.com
• Creators of an Internet browser for anglers: www.anglerfriendly.com

“We hope many people will put their trust in Pyrenees Fly-fishing, organizing their fly-fishing experience. A responsibility we face with enthusiasm and commitment” Leaders of Pyrenees Fly-fishing