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The objective of this legal information is to set out and establish the principles and conditions of access to this web site and enable the user to participate after accepting said principles and conditions of access.

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Pyrenees Fly Fishing NIF B22406888 is the proprietor of the trademark PYRENEES FLY FISHING henceforth referred to as Pyrenees Fly Fishing and through said company operates the websites found in the pyreneesflyfishing.com.

Pyrenees Fly Fishing is a:

  • Active tourism (TA-Hu-325)
  • Trave Agency (CAA314)

The head office of PyreneesFlyFishing is located in C/Perimetral Casa Salvador 2; 22639 Gavín (Huesca).

Each trip comercialize by PYRENEES FLY FISHING in its websiet, is organized under the technical organization of TRAVEL AGENCY CAA314, C/Perimetral Casa Salvador 2; 22639 Gavín (Huesca).



The objective of PYRENEES FLY FISHING with this website is to provide an addition channel of communication with its users, customers and society in general that helps to communicate its commercial offer and to receive requests for information and orders of products and services.


2.1. These are the general conditions that regulate the access, browsing and use of the websites under the domain “www.pyreneesflyfishing.com”, as well as the responsibilities derived from the utilization of its contents (“contents” being understood to mean the texts, graphics, drawings, designs, codes, software, photographs, music, videos, sounds, data bases, images, expressions or information, as well as any other creation protected by the national laws and international treaties on intellectual and industrial property).

3.2. It is understood that access to “www.pyreneesflyfishing.com”, by the user implies full acceptance of these conditions. In the event of disagreement with any of the conditions contained in this notice, the user must cease to use the website.


4.1. Access to “www.pyreneesflyfishing.com”, by the users is freely available and free of charge.

4.2. Visiting the website does not imply that the user must register or provide personal data. Nevertheless, if in any event the user should provide personal data, said data will become part of an automated data file owned by PYRENEES FLY FISHING and will be treated confidentially and will not be ceded to third parties. In any case, the user may exercise the rights of opposition, access, rectification and cancellation, in accordance with the provisions in Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection, communicating with PYRENEES FLY FISHING at the address indicated above, or contacting the e-mail address: [email protected].

4.3 The complete provisions regarding data protection of PYRENEES FLY FISHING are contained in this page.

4.4 When visiting the websites of “www.pyreneesflyfishing.com”, the servers and the activity tracking tools of the users that are used, stored, according to standards:

  • The IP address that has been assigned to you by your Internet services provider.
    • The web page from which the visit occurs.
    • The pages visited, as well as the date and duration of the visit.
    • Any other information considered useful to know the use that users make of the site, that helps to improve the service.

4.5 PYRENEES FLY FISHING and some of the external tools that it uses to offer its services and web content or monitor the use made of them, use cookies in order to know the preferences of the visitors, and thus be able to optimize the presentation of the web pages.

Cookies are small files stored temporarily on your hard drive. The information contained in the cookies facilitates browsing and makes it possible for the user to obtain a high degree of satisfaction on visiting a web page. Likewise, cookies help to identify the most popular sections of the offer on Internet. In this way, it is possible to adapt the web page content to your needs more precisely, thus improving the offers for you. Cookies are also useful when ascertaining if communication has already taken place between your computer and the website. Only the cookie is identified in your computer. Data relating to you personally will only be stored in cookie form if you allow this (for example, to simplify access to a protected site on Internet, so that you do not have to enter your user ID and your password every time you enter.)

Naturally, you can also visit the website without cookies. Most browsers accept cookies automatically. You can prevent the storage of cookies on your hard drive by selecting *Disable cookies* in your browser configuration. You can obtain more detailed information from your browser manufacturer’s instructions. You can eliminate the cookies that are already stored on your computer at any time. Not accepting cookies can suppose limitation of the functions of offers.


5.1. The contents included in “www.pyreneesflyfishing.com”, are only provided to consumers or end users. Any unauthorized commercial use of the same or their resale, is prohibited, unless prior written consent has been obtained from PYRENEES FLY FISHING.

5.2. The access, browsing and use of www.pyreneesflyfishing.com is the responsibility of the user who therefore, agrees to diligently and faithfully follow any additional instructions given by PYRENEES FLY FISHING relating to the use of the website “www.pyreneesflyfishing.com”, and of its content.

5.3. Therefore, the user agrees to use the content diligently, correctly and legally, and in particular, agrees to abstain from:

  • Using the contents for ends or purposes contrary to the law, morality and generally accepted good customs, or public order.
    • Reproducing or copying, distributing, permitting access by the public through any modality of public communication, transforming or modifying the content subject to intellectual or industrial property, unless authorization has been obtained from the owner of the corresponding rights, or this is legally permitted.
    • Using the content and, in particular, information of any type obtained through the website to send advertising, communication for the purpose of direct sale or for any other type of commercial purpose, unsolicited messaged addressed to a group of people, regardless of its purpose, as well as abstaining from commercializing or disseminating said information in any way.

All information received on this website, such as comments, suggestions, ideas… is considered to be provided free of charge. Do not send information that cannot be treated in this manner.


PYRENEES FLY FISHING does not guarantee, nor shall it be responsible for:

  • The continuity of the content of “www.pyreneesflyfishing.com”.
    • The absence of virus and/or all other harmful components in “www.pyreneesflyfishing.com” or in the server that supplies it.
    • The invulnerability of “www.pyreneesflyfishing.com” and of the safety measures adopted in the same.
    • The damages or harm caused, to themselves or to a third party, by any person that infringes the conditions, rules and instructions that PYRENEES FLY FISHING establishes in “www.pyreneesflyfishing.com” or through the breaching of its security systems.

Nevertheless, PYRENEES FLY FISHING declares that it has adopted all the necessary measures, within its possibilities and those of the state of technology, to guarantee the operation of “www.pyreneesflyfishing.com”, and prevent the existence and transmission of virus and all other components damaging to users.

Likewise, PYRENEES FLY FISHING will not, under any circumstances, be liable for the damages and harm of any type, directly or indirectly, from the failure to read this notice, or from the non-compliance with the obligations specified in the conditions established in it.


In the event that the PYRENEES FLY FISHING website could contain links to other websites not managed by PYRENEES FLY FISHING, it states that it does not exercise any control over said portals or websites, nor is it responsible for their content.

PYRENEES FLY FISHING is exempted from all responsibility in relation to the services provided by said third parties for any type of claim of any nature and lawsuits that may be filed in relation to them.

Likewise, through “www.pyreneesflyfishing.com”, PYRENEES FLY FISHING may enable third-party entities to advertise or provide their services. In these cases, PYRENEES FLY FISHING will not be responsible for establishing the general and particular conditions to be taken into account in the utilization, provision or contracting of these services by third parties and, therefore, may not be considered responsible for the same.


8.1. PYRENEES FLY FISHING may modify the terms and conditions stipulated here, in whole or in part, publishing any change in the same way in which these general conditions appear.

8.2. The temporary validity of these general conditions coincides, therefore, with the time of their display, until they are modified in whole or in part, at which time the modified general conditions will take effect.

8.3. PYRENEES FLY FISHING may cancel, suspend or interrupt, at any time with no need for advance notice, access to the website content, with no possibility on the part of the user to require any compensation whatsoever. After said termination, the prohibitions of use of the content displayed previously in these general conditions shall continue in effect.


PYRENEES FLY FISHING and the user, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled, submit themselves for any controversy that may be derived from the access or use of the website “www.pyreneesflyfishing.com” to the Courts of the city of Zaragoza.



Prices VAT included. Accommodation subject to availability.

The contracting of the trip can be for the entire group or individually.

It is necessary to have the fishing license of the regions / countries where the activity is to be carried out. The license of the corresponding Spanish region, depending on destinations. Online processing is available for you. If you wish, we will do the procedures for you. A photocopy of the fishermen’s National ID Card is essential, including minors. Alternatively, a voucher slip of the application for a National ID Card can be used. Passports are only valid for foreign persons who want to fish in Spain.

For trips outside Spain a photocopy of the Passport is essential.


Must be transferred to our current account: 50% like deposit at the moment of confirming your reservation and, the remaining due should be transferred 15 days before traveling.

Method of Payment

By bank transfer.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of cancellation at least 60 days in advance, the entire amount of the reservation will remain for future trips. 50% of the amount transferred in cancellations less than 60 days in advance of the start of the trip will be lost.

The right is reserved to reprogram, change or cancel activities due to adverse weather conditions, for reasons of passenger safety or for reasons of force majeure.

Trips in shared regimen (2 fishermen per guide) is subject to the participation of 2 fishermen per guide. In case of cancellation due to not meeting this minimum number of fishermen per guide, the amount transferred to PYRENEES FLY FISHING shall be refunded 100% to the customer.

Travel Insurance

We offer you a travel insurance policy to cover medical and healthcare assistance, expenses due to trip cancellation, etc.

Consult the specific conditions of our travel insurance policies for the fisherman and his or her companions.