Helicopter & Fly Fishing


We will take you to exclusive fishing spots only accessible by helicopter, high mountain lakes and clear water streams. Unspoiled areas it would take days of hard trekking to reach—a quick trip by helicopter, giving the angler a unique freedom and peace of mind.

Flights take place in a unique environment, certified as a World Heritage Site and often allow the sighting of the Pyrenees unique animals like chamois or ospreys.



Less than 15 minutes from our operations center there is a heliport from which we can offer a unique experience. Can you imagine flying over the most beautiful mountain range in southern Europe?

Our intention is to take you to headwaters of rivers or very exclusive mountain lakes where it would take several walking hours to get there. Places with a unique tranquility and beauty.

The cost of the flight depends on the minutes used for the transfer and return of the helicopter.

The trip will take place depending on weather conditions. Flights are conducted only if there is no risk of lightning or rain. With the intention to seek the maximum safety.

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