Fly Fishing in Spain – Pyrenees

Fly fishing holidays and guided trips to pristine mountain rivers and lakes in Spain.

Fly fishing in Spain is concentrated in three areas: Leon, Picos de Europa, and the Pyrenees. The best option to fish for wild trout is in the Pyrenees. Ernest Hemingway in his novel “The Sun Also Rises” enjoyed fishing in these northern Spain mountains.

Our company of fly fishing guides in Spain is located on the sunny side of the Pyrenees. Surrounded by the best rivers, lakes, and streams for fly fishing in Spain. These rivers and mountains are one of the best protected natural paradises in the country.

The wild zebra trout, endemic to the Mediterranean region, is our beautiful and most well preserved treasure. Our guests will also have the opportunity to fish brown trout, brook trout, rainbow trout and barbel, mostly fishing with dry fly.

Pyrenees Fly Fishing is company run by certified guides in the Spanish Pyrenees that offers fly fishing holidays and adventures as well as a variety of activities for travel companions.

Ricardo and Adrián are the coordinators and guides. Passionate anglers and lovers of the traditional way of life of the Pyrenees, they will do their best to offer you an unforgettable vacation.

Who has not dreamt of fly fishing in sunny weather, surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery? Add in excellent local gastronomy and unique local wines for the best possible fly fishing experience!

Welcome to the Pyrenees,  the fly fishing paradise in northern Spain!

Guest Review

“I am a passionate fly fisher and have fished all over the world for a variety of species. My day in the Pyrenees ranks among one of the most memorable. I highly recommend everyone make this a part of their Spanish vacation. The scenery is surreal – one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, the fishing is fantastic – it was a dream of mine to catch native Spanish brown trout and they are some of the most beautiful fish on the planet, and Adrian and Ricardo are two of the most thoughtful and knowledgable guides I have ever met. Thank you for an amazing experience, I will be back! “ Will Travis_Texas (19/6/2016)

The experience and satisfaction of our customer:

Samuel Sabin
Samuel Sabin
Adrian is a wonderful world class guide who knows the Pyrenees very well for fly fishing. He tailors the trips to his clients - would recommend to anyone!
Bo Weisheit
Bo Weisheit
I have been fly fishing for many years and fished with Adrián two days last week. He combined both good company and expertise to provide a very enjoyable experience. A thorough and practical local knowledge of stream hydrology, geology and biology, and an understanding of their relationship; appreciation of the desires and foibles of his clients with willingness to indulge them to produce a memorable experience; abundant energy and expertise in accomplishing the many, many tasks necessary to melt all the variables associated with weather, scheduling, legal compliance, equipment, refreshment, quarry, transportation, etc. into a great experience - he and his team provided them all. I have fished with many guides and Adrián is certainly among the best and the Pyrenees Fly Fishing team highly recommended, for sure!
Donald Yuhas
Donald Yuhas
A Fabulous Fly Fishing Experience We can scratch this one off of the “Bucket list”. I had a complete Hemingway experience with a combination of “The Sun Also Rises” and “ The Old Man and the Sea”. Adrian, our outstanding expert guide supplying the fly-fishing expertise along with the spectacular mountain views. I played the role of the “Old Man”. As a novice Fly Fisher, I had concerns about embarrassing myself with my lack of experience. Adrian immediately put me at ease with his kind, patient, engaging nature and excellent instruction. On this 3-day adventure, I caught several fish the first day and the fun continued for the duration of the trip. Adrian is an incredible instructor and was attentive to my every need… preparing the leader and flies, clearing the path, indicting where to cast, and netting the fish. My wife, an artist and non-fisher, was able to join us for 2 of the three days to enjoy the scenery and share in my dream. At lunchtime, Adrian found a scenic spot and prepared a three-course meal with wine, coffee and dessert. At the end of each flyfishing day, we returned to our beautiful hotel in Graus, a lovely small town filled with friendly, welcoming town’s people. This trip exceeded my expectations in every way… generating fond memories of the Pyrenees, the friends we made along the way, and the fly-fishing experience. Thank you so much Adrian.
Paige Frock
Paige Frock
If you love fly-fishing in beautiful places with friendly guides, you must book a trip with Pyrenees fly fishing! My husband and I did a day trip at the end of August with Adrián, who was knowledgeable, kind, and a joy to spend the day with. Adrián can spot a trout almost immediately when he looks at the water, and he took us to an amazing river near Ordesa y Monte Perdido where we never saw anyone else fishing. We caught several beautiful native zebra trout throughout the day (and hooked several more!) and we strongly recommend Pyrenees fly fishing to anyone interested in an unforgettable fly fishing experience.
Edward Ogden
Edward Ogden
Adrian and I spent two great days fishing the Pyrenees in July 2023, and he’s easily one of the best guides I’ve fished with in twenty years.We fished out of Biescas and targeted higher streams for trout both days and larger, warmer water for barbel the second day. Picked up great fish in each spot.Adrian knows the local rivers and fish inside and out; he provided clear and effective guidance, putting me on to fish time and again; he was patient and kind with instruction; he worked with me to shape each day’s plan; and he celebrated each catch and experience with me. He’s a true guide—sharing knowledge and excitement with me in equal measure. And the tasty three-course meals and wine didn’t hurt, either.I feel very lucky to have fished with Adrian and the Pyrenees outfit, and as I write this review—two weeks later while fishing in Colorado—I know I’ve used things I learned from Adrian to catch fish here. Can’t ask for more than to enjoy great days fishing in Spain and then bring what you learned with you to your next destination.
Bruce McCann
Bruce McCann
I just returned from three days of fishing in the Pyrenees with Adrian and the experience was fantastic. I have been lucky to have flyfished in some beautiful places in the world (from the Western US to Nova Scotia, to Argentina, to New Zealand) and the Pyrenees would place high on the list. The mountains are dramatic and the streams unspoiled. In three days, we didn't encounter another soul fishing.The fish in the high elevations are plentiful but not large. For a change of pace, and to give me a chance at larger browns, Adrian took me to a river in the lower plains. There, we quickly caught larger browns, including two in the 20" range and lost an even larger one. We also caught a couple of the local carp species, also a good size.Of course, the credit for any success must go to Adrian who knows the mountains like they are his back yard, which they are. He is a gifted guide -- calm, knowledgeable, able to see fish like no one I have known. And just a good companion. In those three days we caught dozens of fish, Zebra trout, browns, and carp. Only a couple of those were blind fishing, Adrian had spotted the rest of them.The lunches were an unexpected treat. Two or three courses, wine, real glasses. It was hard to get up and get back to the river. One day we went to a local taverna for paella.And while I fished my wife toured the nearby villages with Eva, a tour guide arranged by Pyrenees Fly Fishing.Finally, a word about the hotel in Biescas, the Hotel Tierra de Biescas. Arranged by Ika at Pyrenees Fly Fishing, the hotel offers everything you would want, including a yoga center and poolside bar. It's walking distance to all the restaurants in town but also has a great restaurant on site.If you are looking for a fishing experience you can combine with a European trip, I heartily recommend Pyrenees Fly Fishing.
Frank Wulf
Frank Wulf
A lovely day with an excellent Guide! Adrian brought me to amazing spots which seemed to be unreachable. Beautiful natural born fish in almost untouched waters. Fly fishing at its best!
James Gibb
James Gibb
The most incredible trip. Ricardo, Alejandro and Adrian were amazing guides, the scenery was stunning, the fishing was put of this world and the food/drink was delicious. A once in a lifetime trip that I am wish (and will try) to do annually 😁
Richard Fella
Richard Fella
We spent 3 days with Adrian fishing the mountain rivers near Jaca and had the most wonderful experience. We caught many beautiful Zebra trout on the dry fly. Adrian, our guide, was very knowledgeable and attentive and made our trip an unforgettable trip. I cannot recommend Adrian or the fishing in the Pyrenees more highly. We will be back.
Paul Bertell
Paul Bertell
If you want to fish in the Pyrenees, Adrian, Alejandro and Pyrenees Fly Fishing is the ticket. True pro's who know how to help you catch fish!! I am a salt guy from florida, but fish trout every chance i get and i have never fished more agressive trout in my life. I easily caught 35 fish in 2days. From booking to saying goodbye, Adrian is a class act! Alejandro is an all around outdoorsman - you can just tell. Alejandro helped my son who doesnt really fly fish catch 5 or 6 fish the 1st day. The place is magical and they have it wired. You need a minimum of two days... one for the high mountains and one for lower rivers w larger zebra trout! Look no further!

Out Guided Spain Fly Fishing Trips:

Some of the tours that we offer in Spain.

Spanish Pyrenees Fly Fishing


Guided Fly Fishing Trip
Headquarters in Biescas/Graus, perfect location. Fish in the most wild and exclusive rivers in Spain.

Fly Fishing in the Pyrenees


Guided Fly Fishing Trip
A trip from east to west fishing in the best spots of the Pyrenees.

Helicopter Fly Fishing in Spain


Guided Fly Fishing Trip
Fish were others can’t reach. Impressive journey to high mountain lakes or streams with no effort.

Tipology of rivers depending on time of year

The sunshine and friendly climate of Spain together with the great variety of sceneries allows us to offer a wide fly fishing season in the Pyrenees. Fishing possibilities vary depending on the time of year:

  • March, April and first half of May: Mountain rivers remain covered by snow and fishing is not allowed. In these months we fish medium mountain rivers in which there is the possibility of capturing trophy trout.
  • The second half of May to the end of October: It is time to fish in high mountain streams and lakes. We will also enjoy medium mountain river fishing.
  • November and December: These are the best months for trophy zone river fishing. Fishing is not allowed in the rest of the rivers.

Spain, a fly fishing paradise

Many anglers first heard about trout fishing in Spain thanks to Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises.
But not all anglers know that in the north of Spain, in the Pyrenees, there are some of the best fly fishing rivers in the world. The fishing is as good as in Patagonia, but nobody knows it.
Spain is the dream destination for anglers and their companions, for the following reasons:

  • Happy non anglers: the companions will be able to enjoy excellent gastronomy, culture, history, monuments, excellent wines, National Parks… Our company offers private tours for non anglers, ask us for information.
  • Friendly climate: Spain is the country of sun and good weather. Good fishing with good weather tastes much better. Good weather allows us to fish with dry flies all year round.
  • Excellent communications, very good health care and safe country: Spain is considered one of the safest countries in the world. In addition, we have 2 of the largest airports in Europe (Madrid and Barcelona), with excellent communications with AVE fast train. Finally, when choosing a fishing trip, it is also very important to value the good health care of the country.
  • Zebra Trout: in the rivers of the Pyrenees you can fish a variety of brown trout called Zebra Trout. This trout survived the last ice age and is considered the oldest evolutionary brown trout on the European continent.
  • Variety of species: in addition, anglers can enjoy fishing for brown trout, rainbow trout, brooke trout and barbel (known as freshwater bonefish).
  • 365 days / year of dry fly fishing: the abundance of insects throughout the year allows us to fish with dry fly every day of the season.
  • Variety of rivers in close proximity to each other: from each of our operation centers we can fish more than 12 rivers and their tributaries.
  • Mountain lakes and heli-fishing: the perfect complement to a week of fishing in the Pyrenees is to be able to heli-fish in mountain lakes with crystal clear water located at an altitude of almost 9,000 ft

10 things you should know about fly fishing in Spain

We would like to let you know 10 things to keep in mind for your fly fishing trip to Spain:

  • The best fly fishing rivers in Spain are found in its largest mountain range, the Pyrenees.
  • In Spain the waters are public, but sometimes their accesses cross private land. To cross these lands you must have the authorization of the owner.
  • To fish in Spain you need a fishing license. Each region has its own fishing license.
  • In addition to a fishing license, a special daily permit is required on certain stretches of river. These permits are called fishing preserves.
  • The fishing season in Spain varies depending on the region. In Aragon, we can fish from March 1st to October 31st. Some stretches of river can be fished all year round.
  • Spain is home to the best preserved wild trout populations in the whole European continent. It is worth mentioning the existence of the variety of brown trout called Zebra Trout, which inhabits some rivers of the Mediterranean arc.
  • The best months for fly fishing in Spain vary depending on the fishing area. In the Pyrenees we have both flat and mountain rivers to offer excellent fishing from March to December.
  • The recommended equipment for fly fishing in Spain is 9 feet and #4-5 line.
  • My preferred fly for fly fishing in Spain is the Parachute Adams.
  • In Spain it is not possible to fish inside the National Parks, but it is possible to fish in the peripheral area.

Our operations centers in the North of Spain:

For the development of our fly fishing holidays in Spain we have two operations centers in the Spanish Pyrenees.


Fly fishing in the central and western Pyrenees.


Fly fishing in the eastern Pyrenees.

What you will Discover



Spain is considered a traditional Country, lots of culture and exquisite gastronomy. “Tapas” and great wines are not lacking in our fishing trips.


Wild "Zebra Trout"

Native Pyrenees trout, they will make your heart pump as fast as their strikes. You will also discover our Brown trout and Barbel all with the dry fly.

Sunny Mountains

Sunny Mountains

With the perfect weather we will discover high mountain rivers and treams. More than 7 charming valleys each one unique to delight the Angler.