Pellet spanish nymphs

“Pellet spanish nymphs ” the nymphs of the world champions of fly fishing.

The pellets are very used flies for fly fishing in Spain, a nymph imitations that became popular thanks to the French and Spanish competition anglers.

Many years ago, in 2003, we had the opportunity to see Carlos Rodriguez, who was fishing with a series of small nymphs that were very effective. Flies that at that time were already being used by the French fly fishing team.
These nymphs did not have mobility, they were not realistic, they had striking colors … and despite all this, they fished like no other
The secret of its effectiveness was none other than its ability to deepen in a very fast way, deepened like shot pellets. Hence its name, name that was used in code by many competitive fishermen.
Nowadays fishing with “perdigones” has been popularized enormously among fly fishermen and there are many mounts of enormous effectiveness such as some of these:

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