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Six of the 10 best rivers for fly fishing in Spain are in the Pyrenees. The beauty of its mountains, wild fish, and color of its waters make this spot a unique place to enjoy a fishing vacation.

Spain is the fourth largest country on the European continent, with an average altitude of 650, the fifth most mountainous country in Europe after Switzerland, Austria, Andorra and Liechtenstein.

There are numerous mountain ranges in Spain:

  • The Pyrenees.

  • Béticos range

  • Cantabrian Mountains.

  • Iberian range

  • Sierra Morena.

  • Central range

  • Mountains of Toledo.

This rugged terrain hides some of the best rivers for fly fishing throughout Europe, but without doubt the Pyrenees are the national jewel, its variety of water in a short range, beauty of its mountains, good Zebra trout populations, its location near some of the most spectacular national Parks and the beauty of its villages they have become a national destination for fly fishing lovers.

Top 10 rivers for fly fishing according to us are

Ara River (Aragon)

Gállego River (Aragon)

Veral River (Aragon)

Esera River (Aragon)

Tormes River (Castilla y león)

Porma and Esla Rivers (Castilla y león)

Cares River (Asturias)

Noguera de Cardos River (Catalonia)

Sella River (Asturias)

Ter River (Catalonia)


Permits and licenses to fish in Spain:

In Spain there are no private rivers, all waters are public.
To be able to fish in the Spanish rivers it is necessary to have the fishing license of the corresponding autonomous community. But to fish in some of the best waters we will need an additional fishing permit on a daily basis.

To obtain these fishing permits it is usually necessary to participate in a previous draw for which you have to apply months in advance.

We must recognize that there are many bureaucratic obstacles to fishing in the best rivers in Spain, so the safest and most viable way is fishing with a fishing guides company.

Reviews about fishing in the most spectacular rivers in Spain:

Our guided fly fishing tours in rivers of the North of Spain:

Pyrenees Fly Fishing is a family company of local anglers. Our guides are experienced anglers and also speak English. We offer the most spectacular fishing holidays in the best rivers of the Iberian Peninsula. Our three main all-inclusive fishing trips are:

If you are interested in knowing the highest and most spectacular mountains in Spain and fishing in some of its best rivers, you can contact us by email at the following address:

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