Ernest Hemingway and fly fishing in the Pyrenees

Ernest Hemingway in his book The Sun Also Rises the “Fiesta”, made a trip to the Pyrenees to meet rivers and wild trout.

The Nobel Prize for Literature was an excellent angler and a lover of the Pyrenees.

In his novel “The Sun Also Rises the” toured from Paris to Pamplona where he enjoyed the festival of San Fermin and had the opportunity to fish some rivers in the Pyrenees Navarro.

He was passionate about his people, climate, culture and wild trout.

Pyrenees Fly Fishing invites you to experience the sensations that Ernest had firsthand through a package that merges the fishing with the “fiesta”. Surely you will not disappoint!

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Fly fishing in the way of Saint James

Who has not dreamed of making a journey full of history and be able to fish some of the best rivers? Pyrenees Fly Fishing and the Way of St. James, a unique adventure.

The “Camino de Santiago” is a journey that is made by many people from around the world and ending in Santiago de Compostela, in Galicia (Spain). Pilgrims walk the Heritage of Humanity to venerate the relics of St. James way.

There are several variants:

One of the variables of the “Camino de Santiago” Tour the Aragonese Pyrenees from Oloron on the French side by Jaca, Puente la Reina…

The Way of St. James crosses numerous rivers that have unique conditions for fly fishing and interesting trout populations.

Pyrenees Fly Fishing offers a journey from east to west where you can enjoy a fusion of excellent fishing with the culture of travel. A 10-day adventure that we invite you to enjoy.

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Our Company

Pyrenees Fly Fishing is a company that offers fly fishing activities in the Pyrenees. A unique and exclusive experience to live the best kept secrets in the Pyrenees.

The safest way to face a fishing trip from the hand of a fishing guide.

Pyrenees Fly Fishing intended not only be a business for fishing guides but a family that provides the opportunity to experience the essence of the Pyrenees in a unique way under standards of quality and comfort “We are aware of the importance of free time for it We face with greater commitment the challenge of preparing the fishing vacation of all our friends”.

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Luxury and fly fishing. A fishing holiday in the Pyrenees

Sun, unique landscapes, welfare, excellent accommodation and fishing make our fly fishing trips in Spain a luxury adventure suitable for the most demanding angler.

Many anglers chose Pyrenees Fly Fishing and give us the responsibility to organize their fishing vacation. A challenge that we assume with commitment, professionalism and the conviction to offer an unique style in a matchless paradise.

Our operations center located next to the National Park Ordesa, the available connections with the best international airports and high-speed trains as well as the professionalism of its guides are three great strengths offered by this unique company in the sector.

Who has not dreamed of having a glass of wine next to the Ordesa National Park, after a great day of fishing with our family or friends?

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