Discover the essence of the Pyrenees and Fly Fishing as Ernest Hemingway did.

The Nobel Prize Ernest Hemingway in his novel “The Sun Also Rise” traveled from Paris to Spain to fish in the Pyrenees and attend the San Fermines, for him the best fishing experience in Europe it was in Spain, a country that he fall in love with.

Ernest Hemingway in his novel describes his experience fishing in the Pyrenees, specifically in the valley of Irati in 1924. The experience and the good fishing made him dream with Spain and convince his wife and friends for a new journey in June 1925, days before the start in Pamplona’s San Fermin festival.

The excitement and exaltation that Ernest Hemingway found fishing in the Pyrenees, bound to the virginity of its mountains and abundant trout were obscured in this second trip by detecting that the old forests and river banks were being razed. A sense of grief, sadness and personal offense ran through the blood of the Nobel Prize, who suffered from the destructive consequences that logging could have on trout populations of these mountains.

As fishing guides in the Pyrenees we would love that Ernest Hemingway could see that the trees grew again in the Pyrenees, that populations of Zebra Trout in the rivers are recovering and that there still are adventurous anglers traveling to the Pyrenees to meet the immensity its mountains, the kindness of its people, its climate and especially help local companies to create a new sustainable tourism model for the enjoyment of future generations.


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