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Pyrenees (Mountains of Hercules)

The legends of our land contain stories about the formation of the Pyrenees. It was thousands of years ago when the kings of Olympus sent the giants to fight the men on earth. Hercules, warrior and greek hero, was in love with Pyrene, daughter of Tubal, King of Iberia. Tubal disapproved the love between them and the result had a fateful ending…

Pyrene died, and in her memory Hercules erected a tomb of an entire mountain range, reaching 3400 meters at its highest point. Now the Pyrenees separate France and Spain and join two seas, the Cantabrian Sea and the Mediterranean, and it is one of the most unique and beautiful places in Spain.

The Pyrenees formed through the collision of tectonic plates during the Tertiary. Ordesa National Park is one of the most striking geological sites of the region. Monte Perdido is the highest limestone peak of Europe just next to the breathtaking Ordesa Valley carved by glaciers during the Quaternary.

This is where most of our fishing activities take place – at the intersection of nature, stunning geology, and mountain culture. There are hikes for beginners and great challenges for mountaineers. Ordesa has a wide range of opportunities – landscapes, sport, fauna, flora, gastronomy, culture, and tradition.

The park also is part of an area of more than 15,000 hectares recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Monte Perdido reigns over several valleys with rivers of clear water – and any fisherman who approaches the shore will enjoy.

Getting Here

We provide transfers from Zaragoza airport or Zaragoza – Huesca trains stations for trains from Barcelona or Madrid. From Zaragoza it is around 1 ½ hours to our bases in the Pyrenees.

From outside Europe

Barcelona and Madrid are the two biggest international airports in Spain and if you’re arriving from the US, Canada, Australia or other international destinations they are the best airports to fly to.

There are excellent rail links from both Barcelona and Madrid to Zaragoza where we’ll meet you at the train station.

Alternatively you can hire a car from Barcelona and drive to the Pyrenees. It takes around four and a half hours to drive to us.

Flying from UK

London Stansted to Zaragoza
From the UK the simplest way to get to Zaragoza is on the Ryanair flight from London Stansted. Flights start from under £100.

Flying to Barcelona/Madrid
There are flights from many UK airports to Barcelona and Madrid. The AVE fast train links either of these cities to Zaragoza where we’ll meet you at the train station.

Zaragoza rail links

Zaragoza has excellent rail connections with both Madrid and Barcelona on the AVE high speed train. Travelling at over 200 km/h the journey takes only 1 ½ hours from either.

For more information and train times give us a call or visit

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